Capitalism, Democracy, Socialism: Critical Debates

(in production)

with James Chamberlain (eds.)
Coming in 2022

This book, collectively authored by members of the Research Committee on Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy (part of the International Political Science Association) critically analyzes the current historical conjuncture with an eye to its emergent alternatives.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: “Democracy, Capitalism, Socialism, or none of the above – deciphering history’s tremors.”
Albena Azmanova and James Chamberlain

1/ “Capitalism and Democracy: Complementarity, Complicity, Conflict, Compatibility.”
Brian Milstein

2/ “Privatization and the Governance of the Commons.”
Jordi Mundó, Soledad Soza, Nayara F. M. M. Albrecht. Pages

3/ “Finance and the Financialization of Capitalism.”
Ivan Ascher, Carolyn Hardin, Steven Klein, Johnna Montgomery, and Emily Rosamond. Pages

4/ “Technology and the Future of Work.”
James Chamberlain, Denise Celentano, and Keally McBride.

5/ “Varieties of Neoliberal Capitalism.”
Jinah Kwon, George Klay Kieh and Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo

6/ “Cosmopolitanism, International Development and Human Rights.”
James Chamberlain, Kevin Hockmuth and David Ingram.

7/“Feminist Theory and Social Solidarity.”
Rochelle DuFord

8/“Sustaining What? Capitalism, Socialism, and Climate Change.”
Ajay Singh Chaudhary

9/ “Capitalism and Crisis: Thinking through capitalist crisis with Schumpeter and Polanyi.”
Gerard Delanty